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Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Puppet

What a folly life could be
Digging one's own grave
Dis-illusioned in mire of love
Ignoring tell-tale signs of disaster
Giving in to colored interpretations
Gradually I bring myself to extinction

The one I saw as gentler softer anchor
With whom life could run like marathon
Turned out to be arrogance incarnation
Someone who never could feel pain
Tiredness of mechanised life in a rutt
Suppression by unreasonable demands
Lotsa promises to take but none to give
Committements a galore with sky as limit
A companion doing me to the floor

Life is been a slavery regime
Scheduled work timings
And return to the nest
Not a soul to meet,
Not a moment of rest
For tormented heart
Breathing on the neck
A perfected art
Nothing that I did
Could save me from scars
Denegerated,humiliated, isolated daily
A tamed dog is all
I was at her mercy
All memories as fresh as eternity
When did i live for the soul thats me

Scathing comments and constant ridicule
Complete negation of worth I could be
There was always a longer stretch to cover
Much much further away then my wings could fly
I am labelled a useless guy
My body is fatigued for decades
My health is failing and spirit is shattered
Whatever i lost , got lost for good
In life's struggle to make ends meet
The puppet lost its strings of wits
With joints creeking and giving up
Sooner defunct it will be.

A puppet has no will of its own
Feels no pain, gathers no praises
Always hanging in imbalance
Alone, untouched ,unequal
Mute, unserved, uncared
Dancing to twisted destiny
A puppet dancing to destiny
A puppet nameless puppet I have to be!


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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Black and White

As black turns to grey
Silver lining of experience emerges
Black is youth of eternity and permanence
And white transcends into un-failing extinction
White is maturity and weariness of decades
Black is naivety and arrogance of unseen
Time is the only immortal thread
Keeping Black and white connected
Else white has remained un-accepted
While black annihilates most of white
White compromises in some small ways
The brashness of youthful energy prevails
Till its completely spent to open wiser ways
The tussle between black and white remains
And grey is looked up-to with disdain
The divide widens with youth at it’s prime
The charm and verve of boisterous youth
Can’t fathom depth of sublime
Only to learn with intervention of time
All stillness of dark night seeks twilight
Running amok till the end of the world
Un-till the resistance dies
Somehow darkness meets light !


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Koi Rishta bana to hai ..

Ek roz dil ko dastak deKoi ajnabii milaa to hai
Wo khushii wo dil ko tatolna
Chupchap kahi rakha to hai
Dil ko jagane koi ayaa
Ek khawaab humne dekha to hai
Kal shaam yuhi tanha beithkar
Tumhare baare mein socha to hai
Doobte sooraj ugte chaand par
Tumhaare liye paigaam bheja to hai
Behti hawa,saagar ki lehron par
Tumhara hi naam likha to hai
Aasman ko jab gaur se dekha
Un ghane badloo ke peeche
Tumhara hi chehra hamein dikha to hai
Dost ke naam pe ek pari mili to hai
Karib ka nahi door ka sahi
Koi ek rishta bana TuMSE to hai..
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

She .. Endearing Soul

It doesn’t happen very often that someone
Touches your life in so many ways
That you think, imagine and worry
About that soul each moment
Wondering where she would be
What she would be doing
Would she be smiling
In my remembrance
Gazing at the skies studded with
Shinning bright stars at night
Staring at the moon
Somehow wanting to see
Her reflection and smiles
Or would she be on bed
Tossing and turning
Holding pillows close
To her heart tightly
To not letting me go
Whispering gently
Sweet little words
Words my ears
Are longing to hear
From sweetest and
Most endearing soul
Ever existed near or far !


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Monday, March 16, 2009

Noisy Stones

Well rounded they are
Slippery and un-stickable
Drifting along the river of time
Not so sublime, spurring slime
Hardened non-receptive mould
Impregnable and cold
Noisy rumbling and rattling
Immune to drift and change
Enjoying their slumber
They only mobilize
With destructive weighty impact
Search no soul there
For they are noisy Stones
Men without listening bone!


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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Un-restraining Love

Why should I restrain thee
For I love her boundlessly
I would rather give her wings to fly
And vast open sky to scale newer heights
I would not become shackles that binds her feet
I would rather be light to brighten her paths
I would not be like freezing cold of winter
I would rather be pleasent breeze of fresh spring
Turning a nubile seed into glorious flower of rainbow tinge !


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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Her Magical Smile

See your portrait from my eyes oh dear
And you would know how these distances shrinks
How your heart longs for one glimpse of your soul mate
And how not finding her next to you feels
How time flies in sweet wanting and waiting
And how love vibes traverse seas ,mountains and continents
And how your palm come together in silent soulful prayer
For her well being and those magical smiles .


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Sunday, January 18, 2009

White fairy with Golden Heart

White fairy's magic
Ravishing beauty
Don’t know
How it’ll be
When canary would speak
She comes
To beautiful fairyland
With Golden Heart
Expression of femininity
Such benign laughter
And warmth in her heart
Wish such soul would never part .


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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Her Silence

Her silence is a weapon
Tearing my heart apart
God gifted her beauty
With mute silent heart
She could be an enigma
With no parallel near or far ..


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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Up-rooted Tree

I feel like a uprooted tree
Deserted by its very own soil
Trying to survive on meager morning dew
Which will vanish as the sun rises
Again leaving it parched
On mercy of winds and rising dust
Waiting for yet another morning mist.


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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kill the desire to Kill

Violence in any form is barbaric, despicable and utmost condemnable act of base human nature. Anyone indulging in such dastardly mindless pursuit could only be considered an entity of insignificant value to be exterminated at all cost. What kind of heart one would carry which doesn’t stop or missed even a beat before wiping off someone’s source and reason of living, breaking the threads of love, affection, aspirations, dreams and dependence in split second. One stroke of knife, a bullet fired, a bomb hurled may be a momentary act of desperation and blind pursuit for one but for others it means a holocaust and end of the world for sufferers and survivors. Such people deserve no mercy and consideration even for a moment.
Sadly enough Castism, Religions, politics, national patriotism and regionalism though may have mothered many violent conflagrations but rarely do they come out openly and fight bloody battles when innocent lives are being taken away. At those moments one finds all political big-wigs, religious hardliners and all those big-mouthed heads vehemently spewing venom at other times hiding , clinging and clammering for their otherwise useless lives. These rats come out of there hideouts only when the flood has subsided again to spread plague of their baseless rhetorics . At such times it’s the trampled, ignored and not so prominent common men who gathers courage and leads the battle from front. Thus are born and sadly at times extinguished too promising heroes of otherwise numb and sublime society. Only if we could spot, cultivate and nurture such selfless courageous souls to handover reign of society and governance to them for safer tomorrow !!


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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nimesis of marriage

I was born free
Marriage enslaved me
I used to dream of flying high
Someone tied me down with heavy weights
I would smile and burst into laughter now n them
Now I look for corners and tears to hide
I was the one without fear
Today I am trembling failure
I had dignity by my side
Today I live with molested pride
I was self made man with respect derived
Today I walk with all hurt buried inside
I wanted to live and be enthralled by future
Today every moment my hope dies
Someone who was to walk by my side whole life
Turned out to be agent of hell to burn me alive
Years of relentless toiling and moments of fright
Whatever lil success has exhausted me from deep inside
The body aches and mind wonders each time
Is this what reckless feminine vanity derives
What could have been joyful journey of life
Today stands before me like pyre of last rights
Someone with Warm blood but frozen heart
Barrage of cynical retorts and criticism aghast
Has shredded my soul into million parts
A common man of golden heart
Turned to ashes with such cunning art !


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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


What has gone wrong
In ever growing confluence of humanity
Humanism is dimunitive rarity struggling for survival
More beautiful faces but vanishing smiles
More afluence and diminishing regards
More intellect yet scarcity of wisdom
More resources yet poverty of feelings
More enactments yet little compassion
More altruism and no warmth
More we get lesser we give
Etiquettes are to be taught
Goodness to be inculcated
Sensitizing comes only thru intervention
A being needing spirituality to connect with itself
All endeavours but no bond anywhere
What has become of man …
Lost in alleys of darkness, dullness and de-spirited
Comes intermittent awakening and urge
To know the pulse of my heart
To re-invent spark of my soul
To be alive once again …..


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Sunday, October 19, 2008

All Alone

Cold winter night
Stillness all around
Silence and chill enveloping all
Nowhere to rush to
No warm corner to hide
Torrent of abuses and ridicule
Fighting with hunger and drowsy eyes
Tiredness and weary toil of the day
Only cold benches to retire
Numbing blankets of memories
And thoughts of ending life
All alone and no glimmer of light
A faint hope makes life survive … Cold Saturday Winter Night


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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rude roots

What is rudeness
Raising voice to play down others
Or denial of other person’s feelings
Or adamant self-righteousness
Or always deciding unilaterally
Or monosyllable non-descriptive blabber
Or responding with pointed curtness
Or self-centered selfish reasoning
Or a black hole not willing to part anything
Or insatiable urge to displease someone
Or a sadist who wouldn’t budge
Or a camouflaged sweetness
That’s deadlier than sword
Or it’s a seed of a heart
That’s blackened by its own empathy
An infertile soil only awaiting extinction
A reservoir filled with remorse and sadness
In-sensitization and numbness to the core
It’s a plague annihilating fast-track human kind
Its beginning of an end of everything Good !


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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

एक आरजू

काश कोई ऐसा होता,
जो हौले से दिल को छु जाता

आता नज़र हर तरफ़ हर जगह
बंद आँखों में सपना जैसा
जब जागो तो एक सच सपना

काश वो हमें याद करता हर लम्हा
हर पल, एक खूबसूरत से अहसास से
हर पल साथ निभाता, कभी दूर नही जाता

काश कोई ऐसा होता, जो लव्ज बोलने से पहले
हमारी बात जान जाता, कुछ एस तरफ़ हमें पहचानता
हर तकलीफ से हमारी वो टकरा जाता,

गुलाब का फूल हाथ में लिए
हमारे अश्को को पि लेता अमृत समझ क्रर

यह इंतज़ार उस एक के आने का इस कदर बर गया हम में
की न रातो को चैन है, न दिन में करार
ढूँढ़ते है हम उसे अहातों में चीराग लिए
एक दिन आएगा, जब हम इस आरजू की रख हाथ में लिए,
थक करर पेरो पर गिर जायेगे
और वो हमे बिन देखे हुए आगे बर जायेगे
ऐ खुदा वो लम्हा मत लाना,
हमे हमारी आरजू से जरूर मिलाना


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Purple Lily

Boundless beauty
Wraped in purple draps
Eyes so intent
Brilliance of shinning stars
Carved out lips
Like buds of joy
Spreading rosy hues
Chiseled features
Like a manequin in white marble
Poise and grandeur
Spell of black magic
Bountiful charm of benign arms
She stood there like a purple lily
Magnificent creation of almighty !


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प्यारा दोस्त

जब दोस्त हो आप जैसा प्यारा
और दोस्ताना हो सबसे न्यारा
दिल से हो दिल को सहारा
तो क्युओं न हो इंतज़ार तुम्हारा
प्यार का है अटूट बंधन हमारा
तुम हो आसमान का सबसे सुंदर तारा

कुछ तो है इन् शोख आंखों में
कुछ तो यह लब कहे जातें हैं
न हमारी आँखें बंद होती हैं
और न ही वो सो पाते हैं
ख्यालों की दुनिया से जब वोह
सितारों की तरह मुस्कुराते हैं
यकीन माने दिल क्या
बस जान लिए जाते हैं


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खामोश रहिये तो क्या क्या सदाएं आती हैं,
पुकारिए तो कोई मुड़ के देखता भी नहीं....
यह शहर है चंद अनजानों का
जहाँ साया भी लगता बेमानी है
सिर्फ़ कुछ बदहवास आवाजें हैं
और चारो और अजीब सी वीरानी है


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बहूत सुनते थे शोर पहलु-ऐ-दिल में
जब चीर के देखा तोह कतरा-ऐ-खून तक न था
सिर्फ़ एक तेरा नाम था और नूर-ऐ-जहाँ सा तेरा चेरा था
खावैशें सब दफन थी और तेरे आने का कोई समा न था


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With Uu

With you
Each and everyday is a born afresh
Whether it be for one moment,
One day or a million moments.
Being with you makes me
Feel anew and bright.
Being able to be just us.
With you we both create
A wealth of warmth Rising from our hearts.
A happy atmosphere of caring n love.
Each and everyday is a born anew.
I feel lucky and alive
In knowledge of U being around !!!


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कुछ दोस्तों ने दोस्ती के नए आयाम सिखा दिए...
दोस्त बोला हमको और दुश्मनों से गिले शिकवे किए..
न मिली कभी फुर्सत उन्हें की मुर्ड कर हाल भी पुच लेते..
और हम युहीं बेखुदी में उनकी यादें ताज़ा किए
वोह दोस्त थे हमारे जिनको हम खुदा समझा किए
जब निकला जनाजा हमारा तो सब तमाशा देखा किए।


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यादें आपकी

आओ यादों के कुछ फूल सजा ले हम
कभी आप याद आओ हम्हे कभी याद आपको आए हम

दिल की चौखट पर घावों ने किया है बसेरा
कभी सहलाओं आप कभी मरहम लगाए हम

युहीं न मिलना हमसे जैसे मिलते हो आप किसी अजनबी से
कभी लगाओ गले हमको कभी पहनाये हार बाहों के हम

मेरे दिल पर आज भी हैं यादें उन मुलाकातों की
कभी आना आपका दहलीज पर मेरी कभी परदों से देखते थे हम

ए सनम न कटे है अब इंतज़ार की यह घरियाँ
यादों के फूलों से कैसे ज़िन्दगी गुजार ले हम

सफ़ेद चादर पे आंखें बिछाये बैठे सजदा किए हम
के मुआसिल अब आयें आप तो निकले खुशी से यह दम


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अपने आप से ख़ुद को
मिलवा रहा हूँ
मैं मैं हूँ
या तुम्हारी याद हूँ
कोई अंगारा हूँ
या भुजती रख हूँ
कुछ खवाबों की तामिल हूँ
या कोई भुला भटका इतिहास हूँ
कुछ याद आया आपको
मैं आपके होने का एहसास हूँ
जिस गुशन को आप वीरान किए
मैं उन् फूलों की राख हूँ
कुछ उन्काहे सवालों का जवाब हूँ
और अन्गिन्नत सवालों की किताब हूँ !


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उनकी अदा

सुनो यह नया वार कहाँ से सिखा आपने
हर प्रहार का जवाब मुस्कुरा करा कर देने का
कोई हूनर बाकी था जो यह भी आजमाया हम पर
अपने खुदा से भी लड़ पाया है क्या कोई
आपके आगे हथियार डालने ही पड़ते हैं
कोई दिल में इतना गहरा उत्तर सकता है मालूम न था
एक चुलबुली सी ,जान से भी ज्यादा प्यारी सी
उस रब की बनायीं हुई एक मूरत है आप
जिसको सिर्फ प्यार करने और
आँखों पर बैठाये रखने को दिल चाहता है
इठलाती चंचल बलखाती मटकती, रुठती ,खिलखिलाती
हर बात में सिर्फ अपनी चलाती
कभी पास आती कभी दूर जा करा नखरे दिखाती
बहती नदी जैसी चपल चंचल निर्मल
जीवन का दिव्ये स्त्रोत्र वोह जगमगाती
पास हो तो आनंद ही आनंद और खुशियाँ ही खुशियाँ
दूर जाए तो जैसे दिल के हजारों टुकड़े कर जाती
संजौता में फिर बैठा उन् टुकडों को
जिसमे उस शोख कली की झलक मुस्कुराती
ऐसे ही नहीं वोह हमारी जान कहलाती


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A promise

We will Win and prevail together
Rising like insurmountable Tsunami and leveling out everything
Beginning a whole new creation and nurturing it till culmination
Promise you oh my lord... i ll be around with my whole being
My heart , mind and prayers
And will never let you down !


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A wish

Wish i was lord of this world
Stinking rich and affluent
Powerful and happening
Would have put wealth of entire earth

On your benign feet
Nothing that I put my fingers on
Matches my feelings for you
All seems so puny and insignificant
i feel so constricted and limited
Its rare that you encounter someone in life
Who would outweigh all the possessions one may have
No matter what you do it always feel so small for that soul
It makes you realize boundlessness of ur feelings
and limited resources that you have to shape them up !!!


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Thursday, July 31, 2008


काश की हमारे लिए भी कोई ज़माने को दुश्मन बनाता
कभी सिरहानों में चुप चुप रोता और हमको भी रुलाता
सामने जब आता तो ज्युओं पुरा मधुबन ही खिल खिल जाता
काश होता कोई कहीं जो हमको भी बेबाक अपने सिने से लगता
पौन्छ्ता उतराते आंसू इन् पलकों से और हौटों पे हँसी सजाता
धुन्दला ही सही पर वोह साया कभी तो कहीं दूर से आता नजर आता
जो था कल तक पराया वोह आज हमको अपनों से भी बड़कर अपनाता
जो मिल जाता वोह कहीं तो इस मन मन्दिर में खुदा का रुतबा पाता !


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A fairy

Like a fairy she appears
From ethereal spheres
Adorned in with hue of roses
Luvly smiles of venus
Affection of saintly moses
With soothing warmth in her heart
Here is a soul no one would wanna part
Capturing heart is an art
And she is the master
Of all tormented hearts !
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Someone out there

Someone to spend quite moments by the sea shore
Just noises of two hearts beating and wave's roar
Hand in hand walking on sand
From one edge of eternity to other shore
Sparkling golden endless sea below
Blue heavens adding color above
So many souls wandering on drifting sand
Between tormenting waves of tempest
Oasis of flora and fauna by sea shore
Enveloped in golden and white hues
There presides a golden mermaid
With sparkling eyes n brightest smiles
Her heart encompassing the depth of ocean
Holding within treasures untold
In the crowd she walks with gaiety
The most wonderful Soul !


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उनका अहसास

नहीं कहेंगे हम की आप याद आ गए
वोह लम्हा बना ही नहीं जो आपको भूल्वा दे
देखते हैं झाँक कर जब अपने दिल के आईने में
सिर्फ़ एक ही अक्स नजर आय दूर दूर तक जमाने में
आप दूर हैं पर आपकी याद हर पल साथ है
इस सन्नाटे भी हर पल आपकी आवाज़ है
पढ जाते है अकेले जब कभी इस जहाँ की भीड में
तो आ जाता आपका आन्चल हमारे हाथ है
उनकी वोह जाने हमे तो हर पल उनके होने का एहसास है
इन् चलती हुई साँसों में कहीं उनके कदमों की आवाज़ है
वोह पलट कर देख लें तो आये दिल में करार है
वक्त थम जाए अगर वोह कह दें हमको तुमसे प्यार है
पलट के वोह देखे जो मूड कर चल दिए हों कहीं
हम तो आँखें बिछाये करते आपका इन्तेज़ार हैं
जो कहते हैं हम उसका स्त्रोत्र आपके पास है
सूरज हो आप और इस वीराने को इसका एहसास है
प्यार करते हैं आपसे बस और कुछ नहीं इस जिंदगी में खास है
तुम हो तो दिन है नहीं तो काली स्याह अंधेरे से भरी रात है
शायद आपके दिल को भी इतना तो आभास है.


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उनकी इंनायत

ये इनायत है उनकी
जो हमे फलक पे बैठा दिया
उनकी आँखों में देखा जब
तो अपना होश ही गवा दिया
ऑंखें हैं या समुन्दर की गहराई
उठती है जब ज्यौं ली चाँद ने अंगराइ
बहती नदी की निर्मलता है उन् में
और है जिंदगी की गहराई
बचपन की चपलता भी है
और है भविष्य की आशाएं
गुलाबों की पंखुरियों की मानिंद
जब खुलती हैं वोह अप्सरा
तो हो जाए हर तरफ़ उज्जला


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उसकी आँखें

उसकी आँखों में झलकता अजब सा खुमार है
होठों पर जैसा आई सारे गुलिस्तान की बहार है
जब शर्माती है वोह तो गुलाबी आसमान से ज्युँ बरसता प्यार है
कोई शोला है या गुलफाम या कोई सब्ज़ परी है वोह
या फिर किस्सी की मन्नतों का हँसता खेलता उपहार है


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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Diwarein !

Kya Kabhi soacha hai
Yeh jo humare beeach ki diwar hai
Ek aadha adhura hissa hai jo iss paar hai
Tadapta hai sampoorn hone ke liye
Ek khamoshi ka sagar hai darmiyan
Jisme ruk ruk kar uffantaa hua jawaar hai
Raat ko jab tim timate hai sitaare iss gagan mein
Dil mein mere hota ghan-ghor andhkaar hai
Koi hai uss paar jisse judi iss dil ki taar hai
Na khud par hai aktiyaar na hai khudai par koi jor
Boond Boond pyar ke liye rota yeh dil behisaab hai
Agar akele hi aana aur jaana tha to kyuon yeh sansaar hai
Khamosh dhadkanon mein bandha kahin koi jiwan ka saar hai
Agar pyar khuda nahin to khuda bhi sirf ek khamosh diwar hai
Aur diwaron ka na koi dil hai na kissi se koi sarokaar hai !


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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Like Wind I'll Flow

Like wind I'd flow
Unseen yet powerful force
Bellowing thru valleys
Rising above mountains
Sweeping along
All that comes in its way
Leaving nothing untouched
Between heaven and earth
Un-permeable and Un-touchable
Un-assuming and quintessencial
Omni-present life-giver
A survivor and real winner
Like Wind I'll Flow !


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The other Shore

When the final call dawns
Limbs tremble n freeze
The senses seized
Only heart hold
Memoires untold
Some rusted
And some others
Wrapped in Gold
The only treasure
Carried to other shore !!


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Memories Survive when all is gone

Life is flux
Its motion unrestrained
Everything that exists changes
Nothing remains stand-stiil ever
A relationship either grows deeper
Fuller and richer with each passing day
Or it withers like an un-nurtured flower
The choice is made with each word ushered
And thoughts nursed by every gone hour
Action nourishes and revives
Only before time flies
Inertia spells death
Thereafter regret
Only survives !!


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आपकी तस्वीर

आँखों में गहराई चमक
होठों पे मधुर मुस्कान
चेहरे पर छाई लालिमा
और मुझसे बतियाती
आपकी तस्वीर

मंत्रमुग्ध सुनती हुई
हजारों अल्फाजों
में शहद घोलती
बिना तकरार
करे इकरार

नही घाव लगाती है
न झूत्त्लाती है
आपसे ज्यादा अपनापन
आपकी तस्वीर दिखलाती है !!


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वह बीते हुएय पल

बीते हुएय कल के टुकढ़े टुकढ़े हुएय पल
उन् बेतरतीब पलों में बसी कुछ यादें
कुछ जाने पहचाने चेहरे और कुछ धुमिल अक्स
जिंदगी की किताब से झाँकते वह अपने और पराये
रेगिस्तान की रेत में जैसे कोई लुक्का छुप्पी खेल रहा हो
चंद आवाजें हैं जो अब बोझिल और धीमी हो चली हैं
कुछ मंजर हैं आते जाते धरातल से आकाश को मिलते
यहीं कहीं दबा हुआ है मेरे अरमानों का मज्जार
वह साए भी अब चल दिए जो उस पर फूल चड़ाते
चहु और सिर्फ़ चीखता सन्नाटा है जो हर शोर को दबाता है
दिल कुछ कहने को मचलता है और दर्द उस रक्त में बह निकलता है
शरीर जैसे लम्बी यात्रा के बाद थक के निढाल हो चला है
जुबान भी जैसे कुछ कहने की व्यर्थता से परिचित हो रही है
पर आंखें है न जाने किस और मंज्जर की तलाश में खुली हैं
अभी भी इन् पाशान कारणों को कुछ पर्वच्नों की आस है
कोई नहीं हैं यहाँ सिर्फ़ घेराता अँधेरा ही मेरे पास है
सब चोर चले दमन अब सिर्फ़ अन्धकार का ही प्रकाश है !


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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

उनके सितम

आज फिर एक हादसा हम पर गुज़र गया यारों
फिर कोई सारे पुराने जख्म हरे करा गया यारों
जिनके लबों पर मुस्कराहट देखने को तड्र्पा किये हम
आज वोही हमारी ऑंखें भोझल कर गए यारों

न उल्फत ही की,न मोहबत ही रही, न दोस्ती का कोई हक
रही तो सिर्फ उनकी जिद्द और हमारी मोहबत की इन्तहा
अब आलम यह है की वह रुक रुक के वार करते हैं
और हम अपने ही वायेदों में बंधे हर सितम सहते हैं

कोई पूछे उनसे की क्युओं जन्मों तक साथ रहने की कसम ली
जब दो कदम साथ चलने से ही उनके पाँव में छाले पड़ गए
कहते थे की उनके पाक दामन को धोखा परस्ती रास नहीं आती
आज उस्सी दामन पर हम अपना लहू-लूहान जिगर तड़पता देखते हैं.

हमको वह गैर बताते हैं, और गैरों को गले लगाते हैं
गोया शाख से टूटा हुआ फूल है हम जो रौंद के आगे बड़े जाते हैं
न हो उन् पर भी कभी यही कहर बरपा , हम इस्सी बात से घबराते हैं
पी लेते हैं हर एक आंसू और दिल में मलाल नहीं लाते हैं !!!


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I am too busy
Busy traversing unchartered roads
Busy doing odd jobs at work place
Busy deliberating my future options
Busy checking my account balances
Busy devising my mental game plans
Busy burying into mundane things
Busy spending sleepless nights
Busy calculating other's worth
Busy forgetting old bonds
Busy wondering about what life is
Busy mending and holding onto dreams
Busy nursing old wounds ,guarding from new
Busy hob-nobbing with new acquaintances
Busy too busy to gaze at those earnest gazes
Busy to be reminded of my curt rudeness
Busy to take a note of my own ignorance
Busy being blinded to changing colors
Busy for any fragrances or tastes around
Busy to assuage someone's feelings
Busy living like a heartless machine
I am just merely busy !


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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Silent Cries

Belittled and humbled
Insignificant and non-existent
Easily ignored and taken granted
Obliterated and cast away existence
Fooling thyself into belief of bonhomie
Naively inflicting hurt on self
Exploited and trampled upon
Mellowed and weakened
Tears welling up and drying out
Caught in web of gentleness
Crushed under weighty goodness
Seething pain of unseen wounds
My heart bleeds in anonymity !!


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Only If

Only if I was not sentenced
To a cursed existence
Only if I had learned
To inflict hurt and not look back
Only if I had lived for myself first
To enjoy blissful selfishness
Only if I had haughty adamancy
To give a damn to what others think
Only if I was shamelessly assuming
To flaunt my ego and pride
Only if I was vane enough
To make everyone look so small
Only if I was desensitized
To tears and woes of those around
Only if I was snootily aloof
To tell everyone how useless they are
Only if I was preposterous enough
To command a cautious regard
Only if I was inhuman enough
To live with ignorance !!!


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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Life is Joy...

Life is finding joy everyday
In the simple things of life...
In the smell of hot coffee on a cold morning,
In the twinkling of Fireflies flickering in the clear night sky,
In the morning fog parting as the sun begins to shine,
In the colors of a beautiful and peaceful sunset,
In the buzzing and bustling of bees on a patch of spring flowers,
In the kindness and warmth of a smile of a stranger,
In the warm feeling of a hug and unconditional embrace
In the thoughts of someone who loves and cares for you,
In the kindness and warmth doled out on someone with open heart,
In the serene sound of the ocean waves on the shore,
In the twinkling of the stars in on a quiet night in the sky...
In the thoughtfulness of someone who calls you a friend !


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Mera Sansaar

कोई जब करे तुमसे बहूत प्यार
पर न करा सके उसका कोई इजहार
नहीं उस दर्द का कोई भी इलाज
वह तोड़े है न सिर्फ दिल को
करें हैं रूह पर भी वार
जीते जी जो मिटा दे हस्ती
कहाँ है दूसरी ऐसी तलवार
वह हरफ़न मौला बन फिरे
सोये रात दिन चैन की नींद
हम वक्त-बेवक्त उनकी याद में
छुप कर खून के आंसू रोये हम
सब कुछ है दामन में अपने
आँखों में उनकी छवि
दिल में बसी उनकी याद
रूह तक करती है अब भी
उनसे बे-इंतिहा प्यार
सब कुछ वहीं है
फिर जाने क्युओं
लुट गया है हमारा संसार !


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Sunday, January 27, 2008

ये लम्हे

आसान नहीं इन् लम्हों को भुला देना
कि आता है उनको हमे ख़ुशी से रुला देना
न वह जन्मे साथ न हमजोली जवान हुए
कोई कोल या इकरार नहीं था जो बंध जाते
थक न गए वह अपने सलीब उठाते उठाते
हमे भी बिठा लिया अपनी पलकों पर आते जाते

इतनी शिद्दत से उन्होने संजोया यह बिखरा चमन
हमारी बदनसीबी में भी खुदा नुमाया करा गए आते जाते
हमे इंसानियत कि तलाश थी इस जम्हुरिअत के सैलाब में
पलट के देखा तो दामन था एक फरिश्ते के हाथ में
जिगर लहू-लुहान था उसका चेहरे पर थी हलकी सी उदासी
आँखों में नमी थी पर वह रूह सबसे जुदा थी
जिसमे अभी भी दूसरो के गम जज्ब करने कि हया थी.
एहसान माने उनका या जिंदगी कि तहरीर सीखें उनसे
होगी अगर कोई तो येही होगी तस्वीर उस खुदा की.


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Saturday, January 26, 2008

कुछ रिश्ते

हमारी जिंदगी के रिश्ते
कुछ इस कदर जुदा निकले
समझते रहे जिनको अपना
वोही लखत-ए-जिगर बेवफ़ा निकले
निभाना था उमर भर साथ जिन्होंने
वोही सुखनवर जनाजे का सिला निकले
खूब सींचा जिन क्यारियों को हमने
जब बहार आई तो उनके माली ही जुदा निकले
जिनको कहते रहे काफिर उमर भर सब लोग
वोही अनजान शख्स हमारे खुदा निकले !


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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Celeberating failure !

Failure is wasteful
Failure is oppressing
Failure is restricting
Failure is subjugating
Failure is excruciating
Failure is nagging
Failure is evasdropping
Failure is demeaning

Failure is failure to celebrate failing
Failure is for capturing learnings
Failure is for humbling
Failure is for rejoice
Failure is for revival
Failure is for resurrection

Find Another Idea Leading to Un-stoppable Rise of Execellence !


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उसकी खामोशी

मेरी खामोशी को उल्फत न समझ बैठना आये दोस्त
यह वह कहर है जो तुमने ढाया और हमने निभाया है
डूबते को तिनके का सहारा हो सकता हो शायद
हमने तो सितारों तले भी घनघोर अँधेरा पाया है
दो पल हम भी मुस्कुरा लेते तेरी महफिल में आकर
पर यह मंजर मेरे रकीब को रास नहीं आया है
उसकी खुदाई में कोई तो रिश्ता होता जो बांध सकता हम दोनों को
पर न जाने क्या सोच कर उसने यह जहाँ बनाया है
सितम करने वाले हजारों हैं चारों तरफ घेरे हुए
महरम लगाने वाला दूर जाता हुआ सिर्फ एक वोही साया है.
आस्थाओं और विश्वास की भूल भुलेइया में खो गया हूँ में
आज अन्धकार में विलीन होता वह मेरा ही पर्छाया है
इतनी शिदतों से उम्र भर संजोया-संभाला किये जिसको
आज टूट के बिखरता मेरा अस्तित्व धूमिल होने को आया है.
हमने तो सितारों तले भी घनघोर अँधेरा पाया है !


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उसकी खामोशी

मेरी खामोशी को उल्फत न समझ बैठना अये दोस्त
यह वह कहर है जो तुमने ढाया और हमने निभाया है
डूबते को तिनके का सहारा हो सकता हो शायद
हमने तो सितारों तले भी घनघोर अँधेरा पाया है
दो पल हम भी मुस्कुरा लेते तेरी महफिल में आकर
पर यह मंजर मेरे रकीब को रास नहीं आया है
उसकी खुदाई में कोई तो रिश्ता होता जो बांध सकता हम दोनो को
पर न जाने क्या सोच कर उसने यह जहाँ बनाया है
सितम करने वाले हज़ारों हैं चारों तरफ घेरे हुए
महरम लगाने वाला दूर जाता हुआ सिर्फ एक वही साया है.
आस्थाओं और विश्वास कि भूल भुलेइया में खो गया हूँ में
आज अन्धकार में विलीन होता वह मेरा ही पर्छाया है
इतनी शिदद्तों से उमर भर संजोया-संभाला किये जिसको
आज टूट के बिखरता मेरा अस्तित्व धूमिल होने को आया है.
हमने तो सितारों तले भी घनघोर अँधेरा पाया है !


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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Sunrise

Like free bird in the sky
Like silvery clouds flying by
Like tumultous winds rising high
Like gush of raging waves on seas
Like ever rising unsurmountable mountains
Like molten metals in the hearth of earth
Like an infant walking with baby steps
Like roaring lion in the dense forests
Like omnious purifying gold in fire
Like chalis filled with elixir of life
Like an undeafeted samurai
This spirited soul will rise
Falling and rising yet again
Forging ahead with all grit and might
Never tiring or retiring before goal is reached
Blazing ever higher before this flame dies !!!


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New Year

New Year
New vistas
New heights
New horizons
New resolves
New bondings
New aspirations
New exhileration
New realizations
New capabilities
New achievements
New self-actualization
New un-stoppable advancement
New chapters of spirited victories !


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Saturday, December 29, 2007

उसका बचपन

रुपहले आकाश में वह कहीं खोया है
यहाँ सर्द जमीन पर यह मासूम सोया है
आँखों में उसकी बस सूखे हुए आंसू हैं
कितने दिंनो से न जाने अन्न को तरसा और रोया है
चंद वस्त्रों में लिप्त उसका बचपन अनजान है
नहीं मालूम उसको अभी कि उसने क्या क्या खोया है
जो दिल दर्द समझता है उसको सामर्थ्य नहीं दिया है
और जो समर्थ है उसके दिल में घर कर बैठी अराजकता है
नीले अम्बर वाले ने क्या सोच उसको मानवता में पिरोया है
मंदिर कि चौखट पर यह रात दिन बिलख बिलख कर रोया है
उसका भगवान कहीं प्रसादों और शंख नाद के बीच सोया है !


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Friday, December 28, 2007

वह औरत

आज फिर कहीं गोली चली है
हैवानियत ने इंसानियत कि जान ली है
अमन चैन के लिए क्योँ भयानक आवाज गुंजी है
वह तो एक माँ थी, औरत भी कहीं तानाशाह बनी है
चड़्ते सूरज कि किरण थी,बेजुबानों कि आवाज थी वह
आने वाले एक नए सुन्हेरी इन्तिखावाब का आगाज़ थी वह
फिर क्युओं जालिमों के दिल में खौफ और नफरत कि परत जमी है
बेबाक हिम्मत और रूहानियत कि जान आज फिरसे कायरों ने ली है !!
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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Something is dying in him each passing moment
Somehow his smiles are deceiving inner turmoil
Somewhat like climbing holding piles of sands
Somewhere not giving in within against all odds
Some unseen weakened threads of bonding
Someone might still be around to hold him
Someday soon dark night will see the dawn
Somebody might notice the worth of this soul
Sometime its difficult hoping against the hopes
Some weird nights are too dark and very long
Some days shouldn't have come and gone
Some encounters and event needn't have born
Some facades should be tossed back and torned
Some people should have stayed and not gone
Some battles were not meant to be fought all alone
Some Gods shouldn't have forsaken or yawned
Sometimes I think he shouldn't have been born !


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The age advances
Body degenerates
Energies wane
Surges the pain
Memories re-visited
Some forgotten
Others deleted
The lure of life
Never ceases
Shines the soul
With undying spirit
Regrets for pettiness
Smiles for generosity
Intellect is in quest
Harbingers of joy
Bathe in parting tears
Malice broods
Gladdens purity
All is summed up
On bed of eternity !


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Monday, December 24, 2007

The abode of Suffering

The place where mind,body and spirit streches
The anguish and pain dances in abandonment
The relations shed their outer camoflaouges
The earnings and energies are washed away
The shear need to survive reign uppermost
The life seaches for massiah of salvation
The heart cries out for some respite
The inhospitable abode of hospital
The junction of birth and death
The pivot of joy and sorrows
Each day is like life long journey
Everyone pushing to revive
The fun of being alive !


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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pillars for Support

Pillars of support
Standing on flowing water
Dug into shifting sands
Dilating on sea waves
Buffeted by winds of reality
Ladden by burden of woes
Porous and hollow within
Tied down by ropes of sly
Could never be yours !


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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


दुआएं भी अब हम मांग कर लाते हैं
जिंदगी का सबब हम कुछ इस तरह उठाते हैं
हर कदम पर साथ साथ जो चलने चले थे
आज वोही बेबाक हो हमको पराया बताते हैं
न रातों में सोये न दिनो में जागे जिनके लिए
ख्वाबों से सपने और लैब पर अशिस्हें उनके लिए
रहते थे बेचैन जो हर एक पल मिलने के लिए
आज शर्मिंदा हैं वह हमारा नाम लेने को भी
हम अटूट पर्वतों की तरह अपने वादों पर खडे रह गए
वह आये बहार बन कर और पतझर बन चले गए
क्या कहें किसको कहें और क्युओं कर कहें हम हाले दिल
जाना था उनको, गए वह,हमारा अस्तित्व भी साथ ले !
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The lessor being

As if cursed by heavens above
And deserted by the earth below
Languishing in pain and isolation
Heart filled with tears and dejection
For he was born of lowly stature
Nothing that he did got appreciation
His every grain was target of question
Starvation for mind,body and spirit
Desensitised and toughened
Desrespect and ridicule never a stranger
Cornered and wronged on every occasion
He was no more then abject subjugation
A tortured soul without hope of salvation !!!


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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


लोग दूरियों पर दूरियां बदते हैं
और अपने को हमारा दोस्त बताते हैं
चाहते तों हैं दुख-सुख बांटना
पर हम-शरीक होने से घबराते हैं

फूलों का रखते हैं बहूत शौक
मगर काँटों से घबराते हैं
नहीं है इल्म हमारे नासूरों का
दुनिया भर की दवा बताते हैं

रखे बेशक तमना गुल-ओ-बाहर की
कीकर के पोधे क्युओं उगाते हैं
तकदीर बदलना इतना आसान नहीं
क्युओं शीशे को पत्थर से टकराते !


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Monday, December 10, 2007

Who took away the colors of my rainbows

Exuberance of fresh flowers
Fragrance of wet soil post showers
The gentle nip of winter breeze
Cozy warmth of sun one could feel
Sweet melody of canaries on trees
Vast spreads of greenery for you and me
Serenity and tranquility in timeless space
Omnious presence of your embrace
World was so perfect till yesterday
Life was dream in a dream so amazing
Nothing more one would wish or pray for
Before the life could settle at chestized ease
Suddenly the deity enshrined on highest altar
Decided to leave for no reason one could foresee
Before the cloud could gather and rain would fall
The fresh buds of joy could smile and breathe
The lightening struck and rainbow turned Grey !


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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Roller Coaster of Heart

Ego is thy bastian
Rage is thy sword
Furore is what it unleases
Destruction is its reward

Growing on Selfishness
Vines of vaniety and conceit
Consuming fires of defeats
Leprosy of Spirits

Unpenetrable garb of stone
Cruelity and slight in disguise
Overrides all feelings
Right of existence denied

Softness of the heart
Beautiful emotions unfold
Bondings and dreams
Elixir for life it holds

Gentleness of the Soul
Love that really outgrows
Embracing one and all
Promise of wonderful world foretold !

Roller Coaster the heart rides
Languishing in hatred
Fuming with sly
Cruel denials
Acceptance of thy
Finally the God in us arise


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Design on Love

Love is divine impulse
Give love and it will come back to you
Love self and close the door to commune
All relationships are thy mirror
Manifest what you desire from thy soul
And you connect in playful way to exhileration
Being part of larger divine intelligence
The universe completes the design !!!
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Thursday, December 6, 2007

My pearls of experience from Life :

> Never do a thing to others which you have suffered from. Be sensitized and trudge road to salvation.

> Silent and unbiased observance of life and nature's phenomenon is the greatest teacher

> Accept manifold possibilities of life and human mind with open heart and mind.

> Never write-off or renounce an individual. Condemn the act if needed.

> There is no end to learning and we are always a beginner.

> One can enter the path of learning only after shedding garb of ego and arrogance.

> Set priorities in life straight with long-term view.If you commit,then stick around no matter

> As they say accumulate treasures of the heart or spirit first, then of body and lastly of storehouse.

> In the long run its good to be altruistic then mean and selfish. Rewards will follow soon in many ways.

> One devoid of gratitude is no more then an animal. Even animals have and display sense of thankfulness.

> Never hurt a child,a woman,a old man and a cherished friend.The burden of regret and retribution will never let you rest at peace.

> The essence of happiness lies in ignorance.The What,how much,when and relevence of ignorance decides extent of happiness or unhappiness.

> The golden truth never change and is always related to Spirit more and less to any dogma.Of all feelings ever, love and compassion will always reign supreme.
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Easy to ignore..

Easy it is to ignore
The humble and ordinary
Difficult it is to ignore
The powerful and influential

Easy it is to denounce
The simple and pure
Difficult it is to denounce
The wicked and abhored

Easy it is to oppress
The naive and sensitized
Difficult it is to oppress
The haughty and ruthless

Easy it is to slew
The innocence and care
Difficult it is to slew
The viled and boorish

Easy it is to revere
The noble and demure
Difficult it is to revere
The crooked and superfluous
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Heart of Good !

The good is tested hundred times by penury of despirited. Doing good is one thing and facing
slurry of maligned manipulations of goodness is another. The momentary act of chivalry and
bonhomie may give a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. However when repositry of such
action is chellenged by ruthlessness of denegrading accusations and complete disregard for
someone's feelings, it needs a heart of steel to repel such attack and protect itself from all
destroying pain and agony. It appears to shred apart all the meaningfulness of one's existence.
The scars of such act mar the landscape of one's psyche and soul which at times remains for
a lifetime and beyond. The giver atleast for time being goes scot free and receiver burns alive
in the hellish fire of faceless remorse.Eventually and conclusively the hour glass does gets
emptied on other side as well but not before it has destroyed the edifice of good. Goodness,
therefore, is not for the faint hearted or cowardly .It is a rightfull and ultimately rewarding austerity to be performed by only those who have heart of gold !

The satvic or person of equipose enters directly in the portals of God because it has endured
what couldn't have been endured !
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Life is transactional sum of relationships

Ever since life came into being it started forming linkages with both sentiant and non-sentiant things around. The positive linakges led to growth in terms of value, fulfillment , nourishment , deeper and greater understanding as well as lasting bondings. The negative ones had opposite impact eroding value,loss of labour and inducing pain. Only if nature and humanity could find ways to form more and more positive threads of transactions, immense wealth of positive energy , fulfillment and self-actualization could be created on this blue-green crystal ball called Earth.

Going by simple mathematical logic there could only be three positibilities :

> A constructive all plus approach with clear awareness of inter--dependence of each element on another.Thus respect and regard for there existence and contribution.Naturally it would not be possible without obvious ingrediants of tolerance,open interaction,an all inclusive approach based on what is called compassion and respect for dignity (or inherent intrinsic core value) of each entity. The fruits of such labour could be enjoyed as increased monetary as well as emotional and spiritual wealth.

> The second one would be like a tug of war, a positive and negative combo.The elements involved in ego war path,counting on winning the maximum strikes.While one wins , other looses thus in summation adding to nothing. Mostly resulting in strife,emotional unrest,loss of time and value.Contentment and self-actualization would only be a far cry majorly infested by loss of bonhomie and increased skepticism.

> Last but not the least a fatalistic dual of negatives.leading to catastrophe leaving behind nothing but ever ballooning negativity. The last one is easiest one to succumb to, followed by second one and then the noble first.The call lies with the most endowed ones.

The success or failure lies in the path chosen and means followed. The effects like material wealth, status or stature alone would not decide the final outcome as they would be in conjection with signs adopted.


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Hold that Hand.

I wouldn't stand tall
Loosing to my ego wall
I would rather bow down
Kneel and rise holding arms
That held me thru the falls
I'wd Raise not those eyebrows
Tomorrow staring in emptiness
When the last curtain falls
I would rather not have proud heart
But pride of a genuine heart
I would rather silence my noise
Always to hear the inner voice
Nothing more precious in my fold
Then a friend with heart of gold
Life is but like a clutched fist
Open it and sand of time falls
Hold on oh my cherished soul
Pearls of tear are not worth it at all
There are chapters of your memory
In diary of my life, like colorful rainbow
Without you it wouldn't be worth reading at all
There would be enough time to stiffen-up
In cold lonely recesses of my grave
Let me walk along for now where your shadow falls
Gazing at you with admiration & heart enthralled
The biggest ego is too small
When the final call calls !
I wouldn't stand tall
Loosing to my ego wall !


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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Windows in my heart

Erect no walls in my heart
Open vistas of free exchange
Bridges that cross over to other hearts

Let my heart breathe in sweet fragrance
Thriving,evolving like leaves of grass.
Nurture it with beliefs,view and fruits of deliberance

Endow it with depths of ocean
Expand it like blue sky thats vast
Entrust it with mother earth's fertility till it lasts

Impart it resilience of the winds
Light it with hellows of sun and moon
Make it shine like most brilliant heavenly stars

Protect it as your own part
Surrogate it oh mother of all hearts
Oh Almighty finally embrace it in thy fold when it beats last !


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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Love is..

Love is to like someone more then yourself
Love is to be yourself as crafted by almighty god
Love is to stop possessing and let go of someone
Love is to allow someone to soar into open skies
Love is now and forever and not some point in time
Love is to be gentle and tender like a chubby cheek
Love is to be like sweet smell when rose is stomped
Love is to be empowered for removing someone's fears
Love is to protect someone both physically and emotionally
Love is to care & watch for someone's happiness at each step
Love is to not to seek acceptance but to accept the unaccepted
Love is to feel and mean what you say and not what you say to mean
Love is to carry someone in your heart before carrying on one's shoulders
Love is to be like never drying ocean and countless prayers undisclosed
Love is to be unmoved mountain of Gold shinning ever more with each scratch it holds !


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Man in the mirror

Hurt not
A tormented soul
Silent sighs
Misfortune unfolds

Man in mirror
Reflects the soul
Eyes of introspection
Resurrection untold

Arrogance & pride
Denegrades life
Humble humility
Life glorified !


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Friday, November 23, 2007

One alone

They stand alone
One sun and one moon
Illuminating earth & beyond

A fearless lion
An elephant alone
Shudders the jungle
Silence beckons

Above clouds
Eagle soars
Rains below
Drentches gallows

Strike a spark
Darkness vanishes
Century's slumber
Instantly exposed !


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An apostle proclaimed that Life would be just what I make it
Life could be fashioned and worn like a gown;
I am, the designer, mine will be the decision
Whether to wear it with bonnet or a crown।

So I went about selecting the prettiest patterns
Thinking, life should be made of the rosiest hue
Something unique, and a bit of it out of the blue
One that perhaps would be chosen by few.

But other folks came and they leaned over my shoulder;
Someone questioned the ultimate cost;
Somebody tangled the thread I was using;
One day I found that my scissors were lost.

And somebody claimed the material had faded
Somebody said I'd be tired by the time it was worn
Somebody's fingers, too pointed and spiteful,
Snatched at the cloth, and I saw it was torn.

Oh! Somebody tried to do all the sewing,
Wanting always to advise or condone.
Here is my life, the product of many
Where is that gown I could fashion - alone?
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Go within

Want true love,
Look no further
Begin from within
Your own heart and soul
The temple of true, pure and genuine love,
The treasurehouse, exactly the way God made it.
Learn to love and be at ease with yourself
And not the way people want you to be.
If people do not accept and love the way you are,
Then those people are not for you anyway !
Only the true feeling of love makes life really longer and happier
Those whom true love has held, it will go on holding.
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बेनकाब हुस्न

बात तब की है
जब हुस्न परदे मे रहता था
और इश्क उसे देखने की
खुदा से आरजू किया करता था
कहता था - अए खुदा हवा का एक झोंका आये
और हुस्न बेनकाब हो जाये ..
अचानक एक दिन इश्क चल बसा
और हुस्न उसकी कब्र पर फूल चढाने गया
तभी हवा का एक झोंका आया और हुस्न बेनकाब हो गया
तो कब्र से आवाज़ आई या खुदा ये कैसी तेरी खुदाई
आज जब में परदे मे हूँ तो हुस्न बेनकाब आया !
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Thursday, November 22, 2007

हम तुम

न हम आयें
न आप बुलायें
फासले जो आप बनायें
कदम कदम पर हम उनको निभाएं

इज्ज़त है जो हमारे दिल में
उसको आपकी निघाहें जूठ्लाये
आप हेर दम कहतें तो हैं हमे अपना
अब आपके अंदाज़ बेरुखी दिखायें तो हम कहाँ जाएँ.

खुद्दार हम भी हैं
दौरता है इन् रगों में खून अभी
पर क्युओं कर अपने ही जिगर को ज़ख्मी बनायें
आपकी देखा देखी क्युओं कर हम अपने पर लानत लायें

एक मुट्ठी राख है जिंदगी
आज चल बसे और राख़ धुल में मिली
चलेंगी ज्युओं ही हवाये न हाथ आयेंगी हमारी जूस-तजू
न रुकेगा वक़्त,न रहेंगी वह फिजायें,तलाशेंगी हमको आपकी सुनी निगाहें !
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The Destitute..

What could he do if almighty handed him down melodrama and melancholy only for life !
So many times he would come back home , all drained out , forelorned, dejected, in helpless solitude..knowing the anchor he is so much wanting and looking for would elude him yet again as it has been for so many years.

Many a times a person dig his own grave and gradually settles into it, paying the price for decisions he made in all good jest and zeal , mislead by charm of paraphenelia and sweet demeanour of those who were to walk each step with him. As if the daily ordeal is not yet over ,yet another rebuff, another pandora's box of wants n complaints awaits him, to pull his already sagging spirits further down.

All his forty plus years have seen him struggling majorly, mostly and miserably alone. He had not stopped toiling, he hasn't yet , though some word of encouragement and understanding would have provided some gleaming ray of much needed hope but thats what he was not fated to have. Sincerity, hard work , dedication , regard, respect , empathy , bonhomie , good naturedness , astute altruism...virtues he would so dearly cling to, hardly gave him enough to have a peaceful night sleeps, let alone a cherished place amongst those he humbly walked. He was easily discardable - reviled , dumped and scoffed at, more often then a ugly stray dog on street.

Its only weird that all these years while he went all out for those around him with all his heart, sweat, blood, resources and time, he had to suffer the fated isolation and loneliness very few could imagine or experience in their life.He had been time n again thru fleetingness of sweet promises, vows and assurances, which by now had begun to sound almost like hollow cacophony. Somehow he had been by now so shaken and distraught with frequent drifts of fate that mere hint of anything good happening would instantly induce a fear of loosing it much before night turned into daybreak.

Perhaps, he was too naive in worldly ways or was not fit for this part of the universe. Selfishness, discourteousness,calculated shrewd planned moves and open show of indifferent disregard would always take him with surprise and pained him for long time to come. A man he was told is not suppose to cry yet he could not hold his eyes getting moistened over cruel jokes destiny would play on him all too often. Peculiarly though he never gathered enough steam to strike back with vengeance. That part he had left to god almighty and his sweet time to decide and expedite.For him it was more important to move on with his load seeking new dawn of hope,awaiting that final victory lap and that last sigh of relief !


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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

वह हमारी जंदगी में आये क्युओं

कोई सुन्हेरे खवाब दिखलाये क्युओं
हर पल ख्यालों में आकर सताए क्युओं
नज़रें भी जो मिल पाना न हो मुमकिन
तों दिल में गेहेरे जा बैठ जाये क्युओं
जब हों उसके चारों और बन्दीस्हें
तों हमे अपने मोह में बंधाये क्युओं
नहीं आती जो उनके दर से उनकी खबर
तों हमे चिंताएँ सतायें क्युओं
तरसते राहे हम उनकी आवाज़ सुनने को
पर वह रुखसार हो हमे बुलाएं क्युओं
हम भेजें उन्हें रोज़ सदाक़त के ख़त
पर उनके दर से कोई जवाब आये क्युओं
हम तों बने ही थे नादान पतंगा
उन्होने रौशनी के चिराग जलाये क्युओं
लिखी थी जो इतनी बेरुखी तकदीर में
तों या रब उनके दीदार करवाए क्युओं !
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Do Expections Die Ever ?

Expectations lay the path for results. Is it humanly possible to not to have expectation and yet toil for something worthwhile on sustainable basis, I guess not. I would be termed as a biggest lier and hypocrite if I proclaim myself as expectationless soul. In other words whatever action I happen to produce would never fail to produce some kind of results or outcome. Whether or not it reaches a desire mark is another story but effect will always be there. Nothing escapes causality or cycle of cause and effect. This unbendable, undeniable and indesputable law prevails and transcends all known realms of human conception i।e. tangible material or intangible spiritual.

To paraphrase existence is construed to expectation and the later gives meaning to the existence. What denomination or value a particular person,event or action carries is defined by the kind of expections chalked out for it by the one expecting ,conciously or with subconcious grantedness. It can never reach a perfect value of zero unless the one expecting has crossed
over the cycle of birth to extinction. Even the strategy of focusing on causes one makes without worrying about the results ( ofcourse positive actions only ) has one basic underlining expectation of not to get unduly effected by the extent and timing of result atleast. Superimposed, perhaps visibly or otherwise, by the belief of goodness leading to good and bad getting eventually consigned to its dark dungeons.


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अद्रिशेय पुल

एक आभास , एक अनुभूति... कोई शख्स मीलों दूर बैठा है पर उसके करीब होने का एहसास उतना ही सजीवहोटा
जितना अपने दिल कि धर्कानो को महसूस करना...कैसे हो जाता है इतना करीबी रिश्ता...कैसे जूड़ जाते हैं दिल के
... कैसे वह आपके ख्यालों में अपना स्थान बना लेटा है और आपको पता भी नहीं चलता...समाये के बीतेतेय
आप एक सामान्तर दुनिया में जीने लगते हैं...आप यहाँ और वेह दिल का आधा हिस्सा वहाँ, दुरिया सिर्फ भोगोलिक
या सामयिक हो सकती है पर दिल-ओ-दिमाग में कोई अंतराल नहीं...वेह आपकी साँसों में सजीव हो उठता है..आपके
अन्त्र्मन्न में जगमगाता है..आपकी प्रथ्नाओं में स्थान पता है...और देखते देखते जिंदगी का एक सुन्हेरा हिस्सा
न जाने यूहीं बीत जाता है ,जैसे अभी कल कि ही बात हो...वह साथ नहीं हैं पर जैसे सावन कि घटता छाई हो...
चारों तरफ उल्लास है...उत्सव का आभास है...इतना सब सिर्फ इस्स्लिये कि उनकी याद आपके पास है...या फिर इस्स्लिये कि हम
कुछ अद्रिशेय तारों या तरंगों के साथ उन् सभी लोगों से जुड़ जाते हैं जिसको हमारा दिल और दिमाग अपना
समझता है..जिंदगी का एक अच्छा खासा बड़ा हिस्सा हम इस अद्रिशेय दुनिया में जीते हैं..इन् सुन्हेरी पलों
कि पर्चियों में सुख और दुखों कि नैया में तैरते उत्त्रातेय हैं..और कभी कभी जब यह बन्धन बहूत
गहरा हो जाता है तब मानों जैसे इस छोर से उस छोर तक कोई अद्रिशेय पुल बन जाता है जो भावनाओं को
यहाँ से वहाँ और वहाँ से इस पार तक पहुंचता है.. .जिंदगी के इस हिस्से कि न कोई तस्वीर ली जा सकती
है न ही इस्सको पूरी तरह से समझ कर शब्दों में उतरा जा सकता है...सिर्फ महसूस किया जा सकता है..
शायद बिल्कुल हमारे और परम पिता परमेश्वर के रिश्ते कि मनीन्द...सिर्फ विश्वास कि गहराई ही एक वेह
तुल्लिका है जो इस अनदेखी पटल को विविध प्रकार के रंग से संवार सकता है !


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Thursday, November 15, 2007

वजूद या दूरियां

दूरियां होने से दो शक्सियतों का वजूद कायम रहता है, फासले खतम कर के वजूद खतम करने कि बात करें या दुरिया बड़ा कर वजूद कायम रखें ?
दिल कहता है कुछ तो समागम हो दोनो का ...कोई तो बन्धन हो,कही तो कोई मिलन हो,जिंदगी कि परतों के बीच ज्यूँ दो नदियों का संगम हो ! जब निर्जीव कर्ण फासले तये कर सुदूर कारणों में समां सकता है तो सजीव प्राणी क्युओं नहीं ? शायद क्युओंकी प्राणी का लक्ष्य एक होने पर भी, विचार धाराएं हजार होती हैं,उन्ही के माया जाल में वेह उलझता , उतराता रहता है...जब नदी अपने गंतव्य स्थान का फासला तेये कर रही होती है..वेह उसके किनारे बैठ..उसके दुसरे किनारे..और स्रोत्र , गहराई और विस्तार में उलझा होता है !
समय एक बहती नदी है..जिसका काम सिर्फ चलना है..रवानगी लाना है..जो उसके साथ हो लिया वेह तर गया..
बहेंगे सभी..जो हलके हो कर बहे वेह जल के उप्पर और जो अपना वजूद ले कर भरी हो गया वेह नदी के तल पर
आगे सभी ने बदना है...

इंसानी फितरत कुछ अजीब ही है..कुछ लोग विचारों तक पर पहरा लगा लेते है ,ज्ञान नहीं बांटते,और कोई कोई ने अपने दिल का झरोखा खोल कर रख देता है !


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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Strange Togetherness..

Like two faces of the same coin
joined, bonded,sharing the same plane and form
yet never seen each other face to face

Like two eyes on the same face
both cry ,smile, and go to slumber together
yet they never meet in embrace !

Like the Sun and the Moon
one heralding the dawn of other yet miles afar
awaiting for years to come together !

Like the body and its shadow
always existing in cohesiveness and harmony
yet so different and far apart !

Like heart and soul
residing assuringly inside the body
yet away from all control !

Like wick and the flame
burning together to extinction
till nothing remains !

Strange togethernesses
sunken deep in psyche
yet eluding like smoke !


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Monday, November 12, 2007

Breeze of fragrance

Each day she cometh
Like sweet fragrance
A familiar benign remembrance
With sweetness of millions of flowers
With affinity that defies imagination
Like a star of same constellation
Like a flame of incensed soul
There are memories untold
Sweet thoughts and feelings
Like sky getting unfolded
Yet like bellowing wind
She transcends my being
As if an enigma
Beyond my hold
A precious jewel
Whose destiny is foretold
Away away far away
From this mould
Madness it may sound
But who needs sanity
That divides and tear apart
Two hearts crafted with gold !


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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

When my father would keep awake at night..

While I was small, I could never figure out what rituals my father would perform by being awake late at night or spending sleepless nights. I still faintly remember his back visible in faint light of night sitting on the edge of the cot. Once in a while i would see my mother giving him a glass of water. But mostly it was austerity.For me it was just a re-affirmation of he being there ,so i need not worry of dark silent lonely nights. With the dawn it was yet another playful day. I never asked and he would never tell. I just grew-up watching his back.

Years came and went.Decades slipped by. He is also gone to his resting abode and I am sitting here clock ticking well past mid-night performing the same ritual, however,with realization of what he crafted with that bent back at those long hours in the night as I contemplate on my family, my off-springs and their tomorrow.This must have been a time of great activity for him planning,wrecking his brain,fights within & with ouside world and prayers for us all ! The peaceful solemn back and that silver white head resting on it was perhaps even more active in dark hours then it was during the day ! It must have been really difficult being a father even for a day but he would never say, he never said , till he finally rested in bed.


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Educating a Child...

Someone said " Consider how difficult it is to change urself and then you will understand the little chance you have in trying changing others".

Ever thought how difficult it is to change ouselves as grown up adults ! Despite of years of learnings, manifold experiences and wisdom developed over period of time we so dearly and ardently cling to our old self. The pain of change-over even if absolutely compelling is so unbearable. This is inspite of the freedom to decide and choose as a responsible grown-up. There is such irresistable urge and temptation to hold on to our views however deflatable they may be.Yet we would love to win as we are atleast for once ,for that one time as older self to prove ourself. Afterall its question of self-respect ( actually smaller ego drapped in garb of respect !). Adopting flexibility is a tussel and challenge only selectively undertaken with a big question mark on period and periodicity.

Now turn to this tiny lil creature who is barely 1/3 or 1/4 of an adult in all aspects of age,experience,learning,objectivity etc. This young sapling of life has already been partly conditioned directly or indirectly by us adult as role model ( by now we are demanding one !). When this lil life gives expression to its individuality one find oneself less then fully empowered and in control to seek out that desired change. Moreover paucity of time and urgency of change adds more flavour to the ensuing struggle between the little giant and the real giants.

Many or most of the times the commandments are set in clear terms but what they will do or not do, the significance and broader impact as immediate and future outcome remains undefined and left to presumption by tiny todler who naturally sees it as a disciplining exercise by some dictator who is least bothered about his happiness and natural curiousity to know and absorb more ! The small ego of the child at times takes it as sign of disrespect and shows its discontentment by doing just the opposite.The wayout is to move into child's shoes and envisage how we would like to be approached on the same subject to get a positive outcome. To this add extra explaining required by the child to fill the gap of intuitive experience which an adult has to grasp matter faster.

The adage " Child is the father of man " has deeper meaning and import. A father commands respect and also is instrumental in rediscovering yourself by teaching some very important lessons of life ! Once you have tuned in to this wavelength the path ahead is laid with surprising gifts of revelations at each step !


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Ethereal Web...

Heard of ghosts ! never seen them but todays wide wild web world is re-incarnation of world of spiritless spirits. An ethereal world casted in ether of non-existence where everything is ephimeral ! Hardly anything real then surreal. Its 24x7 world created around sands of time, coded in binary of to be or not to be. There is no day and night, its perpetual day out there.It exists yet it does not exist. Everything about it is diffused and intended for extinction right from the beginning.

Mule not over the millions and millions of pages of digital knowledge. Turn to fabric of social web its spruing around, where meaning of real life words like committements,bondings, courtesy, gratitudes,regards,feelings,consideration etc. etc. are either lost or diluted beyond recognition. There are uncountable ghosts which suddenly turn real as if finding a body ,enact akin to real life drama making one to relate to it as substantially tangible and suddenly then before one realises the ghost disappears without notice. There is no demise and no funeral,only diffusion and vanishing of vanity.

There is no address and no dwelling where one would go to find a dear bonded one. All appearances are purely controlled by free will of conenience and subject ot sighting of the full moon so to say ! Your best buddy or lover may decamp like a straw in hey-stack or mostly may not be reachable like defunct network when you need them most dearly .The distances are vast and unscalable in practical terms. Large number of entities here are unseen and much lesser known or understood as against in real life as far as behaviour and mental aspect goes.

There is this world away from real world in which one yet again lives,laughs,cries,gives and takes assurances,but can afford to slight or take lightly anything and everything atleast for self, if not for one who has probably by now adopted it as real. To make things more complicated and simulation more realistic there are cross overs to real world like voice exchanges as well as meeting of real forms at times ! However do not overlook the statuatory warning alongside which only points to no personal responsibility,committement and swift easy exit conveniently thru your ethernet board !


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Monday, November 5, 2007

Unsolicited words and feelings hurt....

Words hurt more then swords ! Many a times physical hurt dosn't cause as much damage as unsolicited feelings do, from both the ends. The complex sphere of human emotions,judgement, interpretations,expectations,mood and eventual reciprocation is so intricately woven and so less explored that anything not understood or made to have understood at both end leaves behind
yawning chasms which take infinitely longer time to address and clear out then the moments they were created in.

Hence its always prudent to keep clearing the baseline understanding in constant succession to avoid heartburns on either side later on. So what it takes - does it call for communication and over-communication, constant blabbering, frequent flying of notes, mails to and fro. A questioning mind, alertness, sensitization, evolving with other individual, plugging unhinted presumptions, expertise in communication , perception to gauge situation,contemplation,stepping across onto other side, softening of unyielding and inflexible
approach, an inclusive or non-inclusive stance, not to forget the words one chooses and timing. So much of netting and prework to a word uttered - apt adage of wise old man Confucious "Nine thoughts to one word !"

Quite an herculian task in itself, sustainability of effort being yet another mamoth challenge , requires capabilities of some super hyper computer but mind and heart combo does it all with such ease and grace in some highly evolved souls !
What could be the secret magic potion , wand or spell needed ?


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Sunday, November 4, 2007


Drive to achieve something is passion and sweet addiction. What would propel one if there is nothing to exert for.Goals and desires are essential to human existence. If one who desires runs the risk of ending in suffering , one who does not seek is already dead. Life demand momentum , something to look forward to , something to dream about, something to hold as dear and close, something to call as meaningful and worthwhile, something which can make one's mind , body and soul pulsate with fresh energy and sets them in motion.

Whatever sets one in motion is fuel for engine of that life, is basic need, the constant thought , the fitoor/junoon/addiction of that soul. Take that away and engine begin to stutter, give it all too soon and run the risk of over-heating the engine and eventual ceasure.If its too far-fetched and out-landish yet again the journey becomes painful austerity. The presence of fuel called fitoor/junoon/addiction is as important as its quantified handling almost akin to fine tuned engine to give optimum mileage. One needs a pinch of madness to achieve more then ordinary. The stretch part is handling of this addiction.

One who has learned the art of handling his addiction has mastered self and one's surroundings. If one fears every crest and trough that comes one's way how would one ever be able to traverse valleys and mountains of life ! For experiencing the beauty of a beach its important to be there at the shore and make first contact with the rising waves of the ocean, to feel the sand being swept away from under the feet, the raw force of the water, see afloat the various treasures sea brings to the shore. One is not expected to swim across the ocean but walk into it to the extent possible with fair judgement.

Man by instinct is explorer and wanderer addicted to discovering something new each time. When this fire dies down the sun begin to set on life.Then there is nothing left to experience afresh,no new horizon to discover,no frangrance to be felt, nothing new to taste,nothing is heard and no vitality left to set the world in motion.One might be alive, breathing but resting in coldness of grave. The connotation of Fitoor/Junoon/Addiction is warm like rushing of blood, is
self-absorbing,definitive,compelling,self-propelling and engaging beyond time and space.

Reminded of favorite couplet ;-

Kyuon barkhudaar,kya kaya numaya kar gaye
Saari umar yunhi bas khaya, piya aur mar gaye !!

(Hey old soul what did u do with your frame
whole life ate,drank and eventually dead !!!)


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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Quintessential Existence

What do I live and die for
A little respect,some genuine appreciation
A truthful closeness,a rightful place in life
A little peace of mind and dignity to survive
A few pair of legs to walk along and arms to hold
Someone to hear and someone to empathise
Some breathing space and freedom to be alive
Respite from cynical snares and demeaning glares
Just a node of having contributed whatever little
Some moments to cherish and an anchor to hold
Only a little to barter and assurance foretold
Ask not much this frazile mould !


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Friday, November 2, 2007

I am the universe

I train my eyes on colors of rainbows
And nose savour fragrance manifold
My tongue tastes various flavours
And ears rise to symphony untold
My heart glows with radiance divine
And mind fathoms deepest secrets
My arms stretch out to embrace world
And legs traverse the rounded globe
I begin with puny zygotic form
And dwarf the tallest n broadest scope !!


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Seeds of Pain.

What seed does pain hides in
What nourishment it thrives on
For it cease to diminish at all
Surfacing un-noticed now n then
Traversing from past to present
And looming large on future
Like eternal Ganges it flows
Sweeping and disolving
all that comes under its flow
Where does it resides in
Heart, mind or one's soul
Like an embedded mole
Oh treacherous,torcherous
Shadow of divine soul
You are neither thee nor me
Your bondage I abhore
Just keep away from this mould !!


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Nurturing a bond ..

Decency is maneur in which bonding grows. If one would care for a friend,relation or any human interaction , it wouldn't be fulfilling and appropriately amicable without being considerate towards other individual. Politeness and consideration not only eases out bondings but also tells a lot about one's own priorities and direction in life.

Having feelings in heart is just one aspect of positive or negative bonding. The ensuance of action with due diligence and timeliness is equally important to mirror those feelings in another fellow being. The human heart,mind and life as such is so dynamic and in constant flux that redressing impressions formed earlier takes more time to reshape. Often repair meets with skepticism or calculated assertion.

As Ghalib said -
"Har baat pe puchtey hain ki tu kya hai
Ab tum hi kaho yeh andaaze guf-t-gu kya hai "

Meaning in nutshell that a dis-regardful or dis-respectful mind or approach is a non-starter from onset.

One who is truely respectful to oneself, only knows how to treat well the other person.
Dignity is not so much learnt or acquired as it is earned thru arduous efforts to uphold dignity of other human being.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hell in heaven

Such solemn face
Calm and serene like moonbeam
Voice of canary cooing in first hores on morning
Promises and committements for life-long and beyond
Perpetual smiles and sparkles in the eyes
Unfailing words of concern
Couldn't this be heaven !

Two hearts bond in bliss
With oath not to hurt each other ever
Always to standby each other thru storms and squalls
To uphold in trust and cherish in untarnished respect
Walk miles n miles hand in hand
To be a beacon of light
In dark taverns !

Time passes as it always does
The solemnity suddenly took an ugly turn
Softness became sharpnels of burning stares
Caring heart menancingly shredded other soul into million parts
Onslaughts wouldn't cease still
Silent cries of broken heart
Sequine tears flowing ajar !

Love in heaven
Never imagined going thus far
Chained soul having no salvation from stars
Gathered all pieces of naustalgic past resting on rotten mass
Questionably wondered on those moments
When simple soul committed farce
Wired itself to this hellish art !


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A thread called me !

In the entanglements of web called life
I search for a thread
Called me,myself !

So many strings pulled in all directions
Each attached to a master
None for me !

Long wish lists of must haves and dos
Duties,expectations and aspirations
No vision for me !

Of what color strings are warmth,affection and love
Perhaps black which darkness can't see
Are they strong or weak !

I am the center yet nothing revolves around me
Puppet and pain ?
Bequeath yourself to thee !

Ordained and destined to be alone forlorned
When all said and done
Dirt put back to dirt !

Tomorrow another one will arise of same ashes
Rechristianed as another mould
Same story to be retold !


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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Poor and Impoverish..

Innocent childhood at times has many more lessons to teach then grown up educated and experienced adults. Sometime small events leave behind much bigger impressions and learnings then any heavy discourse !

On steps of this crowded place of worship,resounding with chants and bhajans ,a poor urchin falls behind and trips over as trying to climb with his small lil limbs. His kins unaware walks on. The some people in the crowd took a note of it and move on for darshan. Perhaps thinking that it did not warrant their attention for so many unspoken reasons. From no where another young 7-8 year soul emerges, nicely dressed ,well fed and groomed , leaping ahead thru the fold of his mother reaches out for this urchin, lifts him up,softly dust him and show him the way ahead. All this happened in just a few moments and crowd was moving again. This child's concern did not end at giving supporting hand as he comes back and enquires from his mother who was by now watching his son doing what he did," Mom, will he be able find his parents ?" "yes,my son !" said the mother as she noticed the urchin rejoining his kins.

This child had paid his obisance. For rest enrichment was still on path ahead perhaps awaiting some other moment , some other kind of connect !


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Reading thru Silence

We speak in silence more ! strange as it may sound, but its so true, nine thoughts to a single words uttered. There are waves and waves of silent thoughts behind each sentence spoken. And at times many more thoughts backing unspoken words which never find expression in sound.

How does one communicate and relate to unspoken world of expressions ? Their existence can not be denied, tangible yet eluding they remain. Fathoming their exact implied meaning and import is like predicting exact shape of raging fire in a forest. At times the gap between the expressed and silent musings is so diagonally opposite that it defies all connect between intent and intended.

More fascinating is aspect of the unperceived under-currents as perceived ones still find logical reasoning,motivation and objectivity. What remains largely uncovered is repository of subconcious entrapments shaped and developed over untold times having least or no connection with current context.

The hunted has become the hunter,after aeons of evolution, strategizing,planning to the extent of ambush. But still fearfull , insecure and meek. Rarely straight and speaking up his mind creating mysterious world of silence around himself, unpredictable and susceptible. When will that dawn of glorious freedom and unhibited sharing come. When will this ever expanding world of muteness decimate. Willful or forced by technical advancement wherein grains of sand (Silicon!) would help man read granulated thoughts and provide window to breathe in fresh air into working of human mind, the undiscovered grey space.


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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Samundar Kinare...

Samundar kinare mein baitha
dekhta unn aati jaati lehron ko
prayatansheel hai woh nirantar
inn kinaron ke srinjan mein
laati samundar ki gehraiyon se
unginat sundar saugatein yeh
bikhair jaati taton par sab kuch
jyuon taare saje nile amber mein
ithalata itraata kinara baitha jyuon
nirjiev sa sameteta jaata sab kuch
apni kissi khoi jageer jaisa
anjaan weh samundar ke badappan se
apne astitav ke ghamand mein chur chur
agar aa jaaye samundar mein ufaan
to nahi dikhey kinare dooor sudoor
sab kuch ho jaaye jal vileen
samundar ki leherein jyuin
jeevan ka paath padati hain
ravangi aur karmathta se
kabhi nahin ghabraati hain
shalinta se kinaron ka srinjan karen
apna bal nahin dikhlaati hain
kinaron ke liye bani hain lehren
unhi par nyochawar hui jaati hain !


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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Impervious Seed ..

A rose is destined to be squelched. No one dare step over a cactus. A rose is cherished and desired for its beauty and fragrance which in turn becomes a cause of its annihilation as well. A cactus on the other hand ensconed in multitude of thorns survives attempts of assimilation. Who would wanna keep a beautiful but a stinking flower. Despised it is but it gets to live its normal and natural life span. Some others gather allergic spores and poisonous secretions to protect themselves. As is said - do not try to eat every bright coloured fruit, it could harm you.

Nature has its own way of protecting itself. Each hunted creature is equiped with some mechanism to limit its accessability to its hunter. Survival of the fittest , is the thumb rule driving all sentient and non-sentient subjects. Plain simplicity and accessability surely spells untimely and inevitable extinction. An impervious seed carries greater chances of survival and fruition at the right time as against pollens at the mercy of bellowing winds !


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Meandering in the dark..

Night is slumber for the blessed
Rejuveniating and recuperating
The subconcious weaving dreams
Tired torso resting in quiet respite

Peace and contentment reigns
Starry night with moon serene
Calm and quietitude sinks in
In-activity bringing solace within

Moments of silent reflections
Aspiration from day yet to begin
Moment by moment night climbs
Becoming darkest before dawn

Darkness is what heart fears most
Yet resign to it in deepest remorse
Sleepless nights of unheard plights
Solitude and suffering is all it holds

Light breaks the suffocating mould
Its loneliness one dreads the most
Day is hope while night is cold
Sleepless nights I abhore most !!


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Friday, October 19, 2007

When Cupid resigned !

Simti hui yeh ghadiyan, phir se na bikhar jaaye...!!

Cupid:Love is beautiful,
Because its feeling controlled by the heart.
But friendship is very very beautiful,
Beacuse its a feeling that controls the heart.......
but a combination of both is ultra beautiful !!!!
The Luv Struck one:Falling in love with ur best friend !
Cupid: With a twist..
The Luv Struck one: ...........It actually ends up in controlled chaos and emotionally demanding situation
Cupid: If ur friend cum love becomes ur best friend ? :-)
its easier of other two situations with base line very clear ,in first two,and infact in most relationships the happiness n safeguarding of self is prime...the table is turned when
other person's happiness comes first n u begin to enjoy in joy of other, thats where love n friendship amalgmate into something very that process u outgrow !
expand urself ...become more then just one and empowered !
The Luv Struck one: Yea, I have experienced that but then handling it requires lot of maturity, is it possible ? i am too apprehensive
Cupid: Worth exploring :-)
The Luv Struck one:
This is too tricky actually
Cupid: Yes, it requires us to evolve a lil further
The Luv Struck one: Growing this way is not recommended at all, it takes its toll,its nothng so light,it badly effects u it tears u apart playing two roles, u wanna be a friend first and then a lover but at times it coincides ,it overlaps as well and then u donno what to do.
Cupid: Take the route to his/her happiness afterall thats what love n frndship is all about !
The Luv Struck one: Yea take the route to HIS / HER happiness screwing ur peace of mind without knowing the direction where it is heading to
and since u dont wanna hurt each other by having confrontations u spoil ur friendship as well.
Cupid: Complex situation, thinking if there is any positive outcome/solution !
The Luv Struck one: You do anything in this world expecting some positive outcome only,but it dosnt work that way
Cupid: :-) Yup always a tussle between +ve n -ve,these two buggers can't live without each other !
The Luv Struck one: What makes u smile? and also don't wanna get into a committed relationship keeping ladoos in both the hands
Cupid: Now this is getting really tricky ! worst then worst case scenerio !
The Luv Struck one: But this does happen .
Cupid: You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love !!!
The Luv Struck one: Yea its a famous quote ,an inspirational saying ,but that doesnt help much when u actually go thru it.
Cupid: :-)
The Luv Struck one:
You don't get time to look back and relish those moments rather, u get depressed and lonely than, oh shux ! you loose that confidante with whom u use to share everythng !!
Cupid: Take it easy,do what u find ur happiness in ,once bitten twice shy, afterall you are human not reprogrammable robots
The Luv Struck one: so its better to keep such feelings to urself and continue with friendship only this is my observation and inferences from life.
Cupid: May be this road will also lead to Rome in latter day !


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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


He never thot she wd lie to him,
she said she will always be there,
n he trusted her like a child,
she said she loves him and he believed ,
she said she never wanted to hurt him
n he felt blessed,
and see what has she done,
tore him apart with her own hand,
mouled his patience,
stompped on his heart,
made fun of his feelings,
and cut his hands raised in prayers
slighted his love and affection
took him absolutely for granted
and tore down image of an angel
what austerities can bring solace
to a heart robbed-off all it had
A soulful of love !!!


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Monday, October 15, 2007

Mahasagar ke kinarey

Samundar ke kinarey par behti hui ret ki maneend hain hum
kabhi aaye mauj lehron ko to motiyon se bhar de daman
aur kabhi kabhi bahaa le jaye na jaane kaun se prangan
ki bichre woh pad chinh aur na mile door tak kan se koi kan
waise hi waqt ki darkaar hai ki ret ka na koi thiya na aakar
uss par agar mil bhi jaayein kuch apne jaise pal bhar ke liye
to lehron ki harfunmaula mauj hume door karne ko bekraar rahe
subah sham dhoop ki sunheri kirnono mein jab chamaktein hum
to bhul jaatey hain woh duphar ki jhulsaati aag ka aatank sab
jab tadaptey uss dhandey paani ki lehar ki chanv ko har kan
tab nahin paseejta samundar ka dil aur aata tanik taav usko
jyon milti thodi si sheetalta aur tapish se aaraam mujhko
le jaata baha na jaane kiss aur nayi disha mein toofan humko
andhiyare mein raat raat bhar hichkole khate kismat aajmaate
subah ko fir kissi naye kinare par apne ko paatey hum
shuru hota fir wohi kram,naye privesh ko apni pehchaan batatey hum
fir kuch naye seep aur motiyon ke intezaar mein jagmagatey hum !!!


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What does it feel like ...

when i say I love u
what do u feel
do u feel my embrace
or u feel like hiding ur face
when i say i love u
what u feel inside u
is it the trickle down ur spine
or compulsion to rush to me
and entwine me in ur arms
does ur heart skip a beat
or ur legs go numb with disbelief
or the tears i see in ur eyes
did i make u cry or u felt a lil shy
did ur mind go blank
or ur soul got flooded with emotion
do ur ears swell up
to hear those sweet words
or ur lips part to speak to thee
hold me ,caress me , do not let me flee
does ur bosom swell to meet mine
or you keep to urself ur love divine !!!


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Armaan hain kuch dabe dabe se.
alfaaz hain kuch ghutey ghutey se
jazbaat hain kuch unkahey se
jaantey woh bhi hain aur hum bhi
asaan hota kehna magar dil karta hai
woh kahen kuch unkahe andaaz mein
aur hum sune matramugd aagaaz mein
kyun nahin kehte ki tumse hai hume pyaar
aur hai tum mein samaa jaane ko dil bekraar
duriya jo hain beech mein aao mita den aaj
tum mujh mein aur mein tum mein samaa jaun aaj


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Friday, October 12, 2007

Living life on edge !

Twist of fate is life
Today celebrations
Tomorrow strife
Which side time will swings
No one knows who decides
Years of planning n aspirations
Either see the light of the day
Or vanquished forever
Leaving thread marks behind
As reminecence
of sweet and sour memories
Moments of glorious struggles
And spans of painful pangs
People who walked along
And those who never looked back
A gigantic mosiac
of plethora of human emotions
Vast divides of beliefs and notions
Life is but a moment in present
No more no less
All toiling and perspiration
All dreams and imaginations
No sorrows no regrets
Not even exhilerations
Should ever bind this moment
Life is but a moment
Moment of smiles
And tears of tribulations
Life is but a moment !


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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Those Eyes..

Those eyes come to me in my dreams,
And then by the day I begin to miss them again.
Then the long wait for another night follows
The ardous and hopeless longing of the day.

There she comes, as thou cometh a thousand times,
A charming messenger of radiance so divine,
And a disarming smile bless thy new world,
And a soul as kind as one can be to others and to me.

O, beautiful angel of most soothing words and manners
Come now blessed soul and let me dream it true.
And comfort my longing soul and kiss my brow,
And prode My love ! why suffereth thou ?


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Kiska hai iss dil ko sadiyon se intezaar
kyuon hai karvata woh bedard itna intezaar
humko to hai bas uss mand hansi ka intezaar
kaliyon ke phool bankar khilne ka intezaar
unn chamkti ankhon mein ikraar milne ka intezaar
apne daayre mein samet kar chupa lene ka intezaar
surkh labon se humara naam pukarne ka intezaar
ek baar aa kar kabhi na laut jaane ka intezaar
jindagi bhar yuhin saath nibhane ka intezaar
aur unke kandhey par sir rakh
hamesha ke liye soo jaane ka intezaar !!!


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Ansoo jo ban gaye Moti..

Abhi to inn sabz ankhon mein khoye hain
raat bhar jaage they bas abhi soye hain
na puchiye sehar hone tak kitna roye hain
unginat moti se ansoo jindagi ki mala mein piroye hain
sapnon ki dheron badal apne kandhon pe dhoye hain
na samjhein bojh jindagi yeh to gulabon ke phohe hain
bina dharti mein pasina gire bhi khet kissine boye hain
arey na samjhein inhe dukh ke aansoo
yeh to khushiyon ne piroye hain !!!


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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sapne Apne

Jab soti hai saari duniya tab veh akela jagta hai
raaton mein uth uth kar sapnon ke piche bhagta hai
parayon ki bheer mein kissi apne ko talashta hai
shaayad kahin kho gaya uska apna vajood bhi hai
ab har cheeze mein jindagi ke mayine talashta hai
biyabaan registan mein jyun gulshan ko sinchta hai
woh bhi jaane kiss mrigtrishna ke picche bhagta hai
chhota sa insaan hai woh par haar nahin maanta hai
akela hi chattanon se takra kar rasta taraashta hai
sailab aate hai musibaton ke uski hansi le jaatey hai
weh fir khada hota hai aur jine ka raasta talashta hai
jaana hai usko bahoot door par manjil laapata hai
akela apne kandhon par apna saleeb dhotta hai
kehta kuch khas nahin sab kuch sehta jaata hai
kiye the jo waadey unhe haqikat se sanwarta hai
har subah mein ek nayi ummeed ko talashta hai
chahe jamaana beri ho karam se nahin bhagta hai
kathinaiyon ki chattan se veh jindagi tarashta hai
kathinaiyon ki chattan se veh jindagi tarashta hai !


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Monday, October 8, 2007

The Firefly

He lived like a firefly
a short yet useful life
brightening alleys
with colourful light
what a pleasing sight
tiny punny form
large belly of light
never holding back
not a moment's respite
it burnt out in its flight
He lived like a firefly !


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Sunday, October 7, 2007


Unki muskaan ke liye chaliye yeh bhi manjoor hai
goya pyar karne walon ka shaayad yehi dastoor hai
jism se jaan aur jaan se woh kyuon itni dooor hain
pyar bhi kartey hain hume aur katl karne ka bhi fitoor hain
basey hain jis dil mein ussi ko todne pe majboor hain
jo wadey liye the humse aaj khud unnhe jhutlatey hain
tha jo janamon ka bandhan aaj usey bhul batatey hain
umar bhar saath nibhane wale insaan ab kahan paye jaatey hain
umar bhar saath nibhane wale insaan ab kahan paye jaatey hain !!


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The swinging times...

It was as if only yesterday
the winter had changed to spring
suddenly the life had smiled on him
he saw glimpse of hope in darkness
his grey buried dreams got rush of hues
there were smiles in silent solitude
and sweetness of belongingness
there was blessed magic in the air
suddenly life had found companion
an anchor in tumultuous vast ocean
seemingly time had lost its significance
imageries of happiness everywhere
brought glitter in those saddened eyes
touched by elixir, life had been revitalised
expectations and aspirations uplifted the day
night would pass in sweet memories of hey !

Not much time had passed
then suddenly cruel fate struck
undermining all respect and adulation
a wide chasm opened up from nowhere
all vows still lingering in freshness casted aside
the nubile roots of belief and trust were uprooted
with merciless design and uncanny perfection
his heart was ripped apart by desertation
time played dirty and annhilated everything
the tell-tale signs of devastation were aplenty
all was same except time turned against him
left with no help or empathy in the offing
a caracas of torned heart and broken dreams
where would he turn to but rest in his coffin !


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Sands Of time

He is very disturbed today ... missing his late father with saddened heart and moistened eyes... the only shoulder he could lean on in these trying times ... At times he wonders would there be any other soul on this planet so much alone and so much ignored ? His smiles covers his broken and scared heart so well that no one would come to see the torrents of tears flowing inside his bossom. He has been deceived, ridiculed ,exploited and deserted by the very souls whom he gave his best moments and un-restrained love. It would have been so easy and absolutely normal for him to despise those people , hurt them and take revenge. But he chose not to do so ,bowing out and gradually moved away with no remorse. He still prays for them, their happiness and longievity.

Fighting within himself with himself to not to be defeated by any onslaught . Perhaps no one understood him and no one wanted to hold his hand except one soul who departed long ago. Today sitting in the confines of four walls all alone he is again preparing himself to embrace what his fate has presented him. Yet another deluge of unfairness from least expected quarters coming one after another. He has been carrying these heavy loads of pains and isolation for too long. Those around him would not wanna hear and he wouldn't even share with those casual ears. There is upheaval inside which hasn't let him sleep for decades, constantly on the rise like a tsunami with only one mission - destruction of his benign spirit. There are those he wouldn't wanna get effected by this rising wave,so deceived ,they are taking things at ease. And there are other who have already deserted this perhaps soon to be sunken ship, building their nest elsewhere.

Will he succumb or will he survive only the playwriter knows. As for him , he is perineal wanderer or a voyager on the move yet again to find a distant shore before life dawns on him. Trying to gather and clutch onto his fading dreams ,all he sees is impression of two feets moving strenuously on sands of time , long distances to cover with no shade in sight , bellowing wind wiping away the foot prints behind, moving forward is the only option.


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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mere Dost..

Uss shahr mein koi rehta to tha
Woh mujhe apna dost kehta to tha
Saath nibhane ke wade karta rehta tha
Milta tha aate jaatey jab uske paas waqt hota
Jab bhi toota sailab-e-gardish ka kehar hum par
Humara dil uski musroofiyat ko yaad kar rota to tha
Anjaan they hum duniya ki firka parasti se aye sangdil
Wade jo pal pal kiye unhone nibha na sake kuch pal bhi
Majma tha humare charon aur jabardast dildaron ka
par koi shaksh humare gum mein sharik ho na saka firbhi
Insaan ka kya kasoor,akhir khuda bhi ankh band kar sota hi raha
Huye fanah hum jin par unhi ko humare gujarne ka ilm ho na saka kabhi
Roye hum uss raat bahoot par akelepan ka ehsaas kuch kam ho na saka
Martey jiye,jitey marey hum par jo apna tha woh apna ho na saka
Hum kissi se kya ummeed rakhein andheron mein apna saya bhi saath ho na saka.


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Loosing Money makes us a lil poorer
Loosing Health makes us a lil weaker
Loosing Honor makes us decimated
Loosing Love makes us incapicitated
Loosing Sensitivity makes us animated
Loosing Emotions makes us barbarian
Loosing Goodness makes us incarcerated
Loosing Trust makes us oblitrated
Loosing Hope makes us impowerish
Loosing Self makes us already dead !!


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Why n where of Life

Why does life go after things not meant for it. Why there is desire for denied fruit. Why do we seek out things which do not have karmic seed in us. The bigger question is why things happen to us which do not have permanency on onset and yet they are sought at the cost of heart wrenching pain. Why despite of best effort and intentions, the outcomes fails us. Who or what decides as to what one would have and what one would not . Why life is full of such complicated entangling and strangulating webs.Why happiness is not independent or can be achieved with inter-dependence ? Why there are varying sensitivites, sensibilities and susceptibilities. Why the life is cluttered and full of paradoxes. Why there is such yawning gap between what we desire for self and what we offer. Why all spheres of life are mired in pettiness,narrowness and constricted confines of self-society paradigm, Why darkness,negativity and pursuit of self-actualisation overshadows goodness,constructive approach and freedom of soul. Why goodness is weak and hesitent while selfishness gets full play. Why rights are wronged and twisters prevail. Why limited confines of material and physical existence get such precedence on intangible,subtle and yet unlimited world of rich emotions,imagination and cognitive exploration of realm we live in. Is there any engraved causality in each act and hence a timebound result. Why so many differentiated paths laid out to reach a goal. Why dosn't fair play wins more often. Is the creator or universal truth also a bit biased or out of sync. Are we split personnas wearing white garb of dictums and self-justified disillusions which wouldn't wanna see and acknowledge its own image in the mirror. Why wouldn't we let good hearted sensitivity and emacipated soul win. Why life is not let to be what its ought to be - a happy journey of self discovery and freedom of soul.


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Thursday, October 4, 2007


Haanth choote bhi to rishte nahi choota karte
dil ke naajuk bandhan toofanon se nahin toota karte
na chahe agar insaan to rishtey nahin chhuta kartey
samundar mein tairne wale nadiyon mein nahin dooba kartey
aavaish aa jaye lehron ko to shahr bhi nahin tikka kartey
dil ke gehre rishtey chhotti chhotti baaton se nahin choota kartey !


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Life in wantonness

Like a nomad, soul wanders
for shade of thy's benign love
eluding like mirage on parched desert
the oasis of happiness fades into oblivion
prisoner of wantonness seeking freedom
from pain of fleeting fragile attachments
the unceasing cycle of longing and belonging
succumbing to numbness of silence in the end
desertation, deprivation and decimation is all it gets
from dirt it arises and dirt is what it begets in the end
all impressions, memories and moments written on sand
forgotten,erased,mopped,overwritten till all vanishes for new recreation!


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Nature...glorious nature

Out in the wilderness
many flowers bloom
no one sees them
yet they manifest
in their completeness
in all colors
and all shapes
various fragrances
so many shades
there is no selection
of color,shape or fragrance
each one is complete in itself
giving joy to one n all
they do not seek
yet they can't be ignored
travellors cross thousand miles
to be blessed with their beauty
thats the secret of nature !

I realised this when i was there so many miles away up in the remote mountains..
the nature remains where it dosn't seek out for its acknowledgement it needs
i took snaps of some of these ..hanging on rocks..side walls
out in the wild where no would even traverse
but all basking in full glory
fulfilling the purpose of being what they exists for !
Especially in hills the magic of nature comes to full fruition..
every few paces the flaura n fauna changes..merging into each other yet distinct ..keeping
you guessing and spellbound by their guest one moves on !


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Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Baaton se jab nikli baat
to samundar bhi chale saath
dhakela dharti ko to umre parbat virat
kabhi na rok sake behtey nirmal jal ko
diya tab kudrat ne bhi saath
haraa bhara upwan basaya
jahan na pahunchti thi koi awaaz
chand taare bhi uttar aate ambar se
jab hota buland saahas ka ahsaas
tarikhey darz hoti hain har chattan par
nahin bhulta hai koi itihaas
sanchay aur nirantar srijan se
banta hai harra bhara sansaar
sundarta aur yovan ka marm hai
vishal hridey aur nidar prayas
mann mandir ka dwar khula ho
to basta issme saara sansaar !!!


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Friday, September 28, 2007


Ret par the jo unke kadmo ke taaza nishaan
woh waqt ke saath dhumil ho kar bhartey rhey....
hume to thi khalish unse milke jiney aur marney ki
woh na jaane kin galiyon se ho kar har roz gujartey rhey...

Fully agree with the dictum of creating time and not to wait for distant future for things to happen. Nothing happen on its own except misery and natural disaster.Changes are caused with seeds carefully sown in the present and results reaped in due course of time.

GB Shaw said " Take care to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get " .
One who waits endlessly... never gets anywhere. For life is in constant flux ,with change being the only constant one has to break the inertia and create those moments to capture the drifting benefits which might slip away on sands of time.

The universe is driven by causality, with effect being inherently present in the cause on inception like seeds in a fruit or flower. However no cause is complete without timing the result ( deadlines are important factor in modern world !) . Another poignant point is of willingness to accept the results as they come by and then build upon them rather then waiting for the muse to smile on us one fine day !

Waiting is a virtue only to the extent of continuum required for cause to ripen into sweet fruit...
endless waiting certainly is not desirable in life confined between between two finite points of existence !


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