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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Black and White

As black turns to grey
Silver lining of experience emerges
Black is youth of eternity and permanence
And white transcends into un-failing extinction
White is maturity and weariness of decades
Black is naivety and arrogance of unseen
Time is the only immortal thread
Keeping Black and white connected
Else white has remained un-accepted
While black annihilates most of white
White compromises in some small ways
The brashness of youthful energy prevails
Till its completely spent to open wiser ways
The tussle between black and white remains
And grey is looked up-to with disdain
The divide widens with youth at it’s prime
The charm and verve of boisterous youth
Can’t fathom depth of sublime
Only to learn with intervention of time
All stillness of dark night seeks twilight
Running amok till the end of the world
Un-till the resistance dies
Somehow darkness meets light !


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