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Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Puppet

What a folly life could be
Digging one's own grave
Dis-illusioned in mire of love
Ignoring tell-tale signs of disaster
Giving in to colored interpretations
Gradually I bring myself to extinction

The one I saw as gentler softer anchor
With whom life could run like marathon
Turned out to be arrogance incarnation
Someone who never could feel pain
Tiredness of mechanised life in a rutt
Suppression by unreasonable demands
Lotsa promises to take but none to give
Committements a galore with sky as limit
A companion doing me to the floor

Life is been a slavery regime
Scheduled work timings
And return to the nest
Not a soul to meet,
Not a moment of rest
For tormented heart
Breathing on the neck
A perfected art
Nothing that I did
Could save me from scars
Denegerated,humiliated, isolated daily
A tamed dog is all
I was at her mercy
All memories as fresh as eternity
When did i live for the soul thats me

Scathing comments and constant ridicule
Complete negation of worth I could be
There was always a longer stretch to cover
Much much further away then my wings could fly
I am labelled a useless guy
My body is fatigued for decades
My health is failing and spirit is shattered
Whatever i lost , got lost for good
In life's struggle to make ends meet
The puppet lost its strings of wits
With joints creeking and giving up
Sooner defunct it will be.

A puppet has no will of its own
Feels no pain, gathers no praises
Always hanging in imbalance
Alone, untouched ,unequal
Mute, unserved, uncared
Dancing to twisted destiny
A puppet dancing to destiny
A puppet nameless puppet I have to be!


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