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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kill the desire to Kill

Violence in any form is barbaric, despicable and utmost condemnable act of base human nature. Anyone indulging in such dastardly mindless pursuit could only be considered an entity of insignificant value to be exterminated at all cost. What kind of heart one would carry which doesn’t stop or missed even a beat before wiping off someone’s source and reason of living, breaking the threads of love, affection, aspirations, dreams and dependence in split second. One stroke of knife, a bullet fired, a bomb hurled may be a momentary act of desperation and blind pursuit for one but for others it means a holocaust and end of the world for sufferers and survivors. Such people deserve no mercy and consideration even for a moment.
Sadly enough Castism, Religions, politics, national patriotism and regionalism though may have mothered many violent conflagrations but rarely do they come out openly and fight bloody battles when innocent lives are being taken away. At those moments one finds all political big-wigs, religious hardliners and all those big-mouthed heads vehemently spewing venom at other times hiding , clinging and clammering for their otherwise useless lives. These rats come out of there hideouts only when the flood has subsided again to spread plague of their baseless rhetorics . At such times it’s the trampled, ignored and not so prominent common men who gathers courage and leads the battle from front. Thus are born and sadly at times extinguished too promising heroes of otherwise numb and sublime society. Only if we could spot, cultivate and nurture such selfless courageous souls to handover reign of society and governance to them for safer tomorrow !!


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