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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I am too busy
Busy traversing unchartered roads
Busy doing odd jobs at work place
Busy deliberating my future options
Busy checking my account balances
Busy devising my mental game plans
Busy burying into mundane things
Busy spending sleepless nights
Busy calculating other's worth
Busy forgetting old bonds
Busy wondering about what life is
Busy mending and holding onto dreams
Busy nursing old wounds ,guarding from new
Busy hob-nobbing with new acquaintances
Busy too busy to gaze at those earnest gazes
Busy to be reminded of my curt rudeness
Busy to take a note of my own ignorance
Busy being blinded to changing colors
Busy for any fragrances or tastes around
Busy to assuage someone's feelings
Busy living like a heartless machine
I am just merely busy !


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