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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rude roots

What is rudeness
Raising voice to play down others
Or denial of other person’s feelings
Or adamant self-righteousness
Or always deciding unilaterally
Or monosyllable non-descriptive blabber
Or responding with pointed curtness
Or self-centered selfish reasoning
Or a black hole not willing to part anything
Or insatiable urge to displease someone
Or a sadist who wouldn’t budge
Or a camouflaged sweetness
That’s deadlier than sword
Or it’s a seed of a heart
That’s blackened by its own empathy
An infertile soil only awaiting extinction
A reservoir filled with remorse and sadness
In-sensitization and numbness to the core
It’s a plague annihilating fast-track human kind
Its beginning of an end of everything Good !


posted by Nomade at 6:24 PM


whatever pains a true human soul is rudeness... its not beginning of an end... ever saw a land after jungle fire sushil? what could be more ruder but it happens in nature... I have heard the cries of animals, the wail, the screech, the helpnessness of not so fit who succumb then and there... and it persists for long hours/days untill every form of life fumes away... But next season a single strand of little green grass slaps that massacre in the face saying,"Nothing can crush truth, beauty, love, and life..come what may!"

February 12, 2009 at 1:58 PM  

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