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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Life is Joy...

Life is finding joy everyday
In the simple things of life...
In the smell of hot coffee on a cold morning,
In the twinkling of Fireflies flickering in the clear night sky,
In the morning fog parting as the sun begins to shine,
In the colors of a beautiful and peaceful sunset,
In the buzzing and bustling of bees on a patch of spring flowers,
In the kindness and warmth of a smile of a stranger,
In the warm feeling of a hug and unconditional embrace
In the thoughts of someone who loves and cares for you,
In the kindness and warmth doled out on someone with open heart,
In the serene sound of the ocean waves on the shore,
In the twinkling of the stars in on a quiet night in the sky...
In the thoughtfulness of someone who calls you a friend !


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